Top 5 Best Rowing Machine

The benefits of working out are multifold; you feel healthier, flexible and more energetic; even your clothes fit and look better on you. But is it essential to hit the gym to experience the best work out and enjoy the many rewards it brings? Not really, not when you decide to bring exercise equipment home and start working out from the comfort of your home. Even just one exercise machine can make a huge, positive difference to your overall fitness levels, provided you put some thought into the machine you are going to get. An indoor rower or the best rowing machine is perfect for a full body work out. This makes it a great addition to your home gym. If you are going for one piece of sports equipment for your home, it should be this. With a rower, it's a low intensity work out. That means that no matter what your fitness level or athletic ability, it lets you work on your fitness at a pace you will find comfortable. You don’t need to research your indoor rower options extensively; all you need to do is read through the rowers below as they are from the best performer list.


Exercise every muscle group in your body and enjoy how healthy and good that feels with this rower that emulates the action and feel of rowing on water. Experience improved strength and endurance with this rower that's designed to tone your lower and upper body and burn calories at a high speed. With its steel frame, comfortable seat and the easy-to-access adjustment features, every aspect is integrated to give you an optimal rowing experience. It's no wonder then that according to rowing machine reviews, this one is a hot favorite as one of the best rowing machines available.


A heart friendly work out and a toned body are the outcomes you can expect when you row this rowing machine on a regular basis. The foam seat is ergonomically designed to keep you feeling comfortable and the handles are covered with foam for better, non-slip grip. It folds up nicely, so it doesn’t eat into space when not in use. Burn calories and get in great physical shape with this machine that folds small.


What's in a name? Well in this case the name says it all. Strength, stamina and muscle tone are up for asking when you exercise with this indoor rower. Counted as the best rowing machine in its class, every feature adds to your comfort and maximizes results. It mimics the action of rowing on actual H2O, you feel and get the same health benefits that you get by rowing on water. Your arms, back, shoulders, quads and hamstrings gain strength and get that toned, sculpted look. Looking for a machine that aims for a healthier body and rippling muscles? This is the one you want.

Best Choice

Is this the best choice for you? It sure is if you want a machine that gives you the results you want and is so quiet that you can almost call it pin drop silence. Watch the movies you want and work out at the same time as noise is no problem with this sleek and well-designed machine. The LCD display gives you all the inputs you need to know about your work out and the foot straps keep you in place with no chance of slipping. Ready to achieve your fitness goals?  Now you can with this machine.


Take the concept of a stronger, better toned and even healthier you and make it your reality with this machine that helps you achieve your fitness goals and quickly, too. The monitor tracks your rowing moves and gives you accurate feedback so you have up-to-the-minute data regarding your work out. With its sleek and stylish looks and user-friendly features, this is one rower you will love working out on.


Rowing exercises a very wide range of muscles. Although rowing on water is great exercise, it's not always possible to get outdoors for a rowing session due to time, location or even inclination constraints. An indoor rower lets you get the excellent, full body exercise that rowing is at your convenience and at a pace that suits you best. Being a low-intensity work out, your body adapts easily and comfortably to rowing. A stronger and better toned body is yours to have, along with improved heart health, as soon as you bring home an indoor rower and make it a part of your home workout routine.

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