Top 5 Best Spinning Bikes

The convenience of a home gym is unbeatable Come rain or snow; no matter how busy your schedule, the possibility of working out and enjoying the resulting health benefits is right there in your living space. The equipment in your home gym needn’t be extensive or even expensive; in fact, just one set of wheels in the form of a spin bike, can put your fitness regime on the right track right from the beginning. The best spin bikes do much more than give you a great cardiovascular workout that cuts the risk of heart ailments and improves flexibility. The best spinning bikes burn up substantial amounts of calories, which, in turn, means you get to shed the extra inches and flab while you have a fun time spinning on your new bike. Can't wait to get started to reclaim a healthier and more energetic version of you? Anyone of the spin bikes below can get you there in no time at all.



Never miss the gym when you have this exercise bike at home. It brings you all the features you love in the equipment in your gym. With its 14 gauge steel built you have a long wearing machine by paying just once. Easy to assemble, it's ready for your fitness needs as soon as you get it. The seat is comfortable and very easy to adjust. The basket cage and gripped pedals do their job nicely and keep you securely in place. It’s simple to adjust the resistance to create the feel of biking on steep climbs or slopes. The monitor enables you to keep an eye on your progress while focusing on your work out. Try this one out, you will know why this is called one of the very best spinning bikes around.



Can reaching your fitness goals and ideal weight ever be easy? It can be as easy as saying one, two, three as soon as you make this spin bike a part of your life and start working out with it. The 4 way seat is cushy, shock absorbing and designed from breathable materials. You can adjust the resistance level to your liking; it can be a smooth ride, a tough one or something in between. The step less resistance adjustments enables you to control your ride without disrupting the routine or missing a stride. The monitor tracks the distance, speed, duration and the calories being burnt. It comes with a yoga mat that protects the floor from damage. Here's a bike that's well worth every dollar you pay for it.

Sunny Health

Now here's a joy ride you will enjoy as you get fit. When it comes to comfort of use, this one is on the top end of the high-performance bracket. If you go by the spin bike reviews of people who have bought and used this machine, you will know it’s a prime choice for anyone who's serious about fitness. The handlebars and seats are fully adjustable for maximized comfort. It's designed for a fast, smooth and stable riding experience and it sure does deliver on this front. You get to control the intensity of your workout; it's built for results for high, medium or low intensity workouts. You will like the integrated wheels that it comes with, making it easy to move around the house or even to get it out of the way, when not in use. When it comes to a top-quality machine, this one is sunny side up.

Xterra fitness

Looking for a sleek, mean exercise machine that lets you hit your fitness goals bulls eye? This one is it. With its sturdy built it’s perfect for individual use or by all family members as the seat and handle bars adjust easily. The electronic console keeps track of every heart beat and calorie burnt along with the distance and duration. It’s engineered to provide a silent ride, be it a workout session in the the wee hours or late at night, you disturb no one and get to thoroughly enjoy your workout minus the noise.

L Now


A premium spinning experience that's well worth the price. This machine is not all about luxury, it’s about top-line engineering and big results. With its professional pulse sensors, the readings are super accurate. It offers 4 different grip positions, each one for different fitness goals.  The double-triangle design adds to its visual appeal. The belt box is top-notch and the construction is solid. It fits well even on uneven floors due to the horizontal adjustments at all 4 corners. Looking for a bike that's one of the best spin bikes? This one is top of the line.


Indoor biking is a fun and effective way to get a great cardiovascular workout from the comfort of your place. Cardio workouts lead to better heart health and as it ups your metabolic rate, a faster metabolism translates to a well-toned and slimmer body, as extra fat melts away, excess weight and inches are shed. A spin bike lets you train for more strength and flexibility. With one in your home, you don’t need to splurge on a spin class, the option to get healthy and in peak fitness shape is then right there, at home.


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