Is recumbent bike a good workout?

Whether you are an individual who wants to keep fit or an athlete who have no other option other than following strict sport mode, there are multiple ways to exercise. Some make use of free-hand techniques while others use modern technical devices to get that required fitness. One of such devices is recumbent bike which replicates usual bicycle where you can continue cycling while your upper body resting in a comfortable position and not always staying upright.

One advantage that the best recumbent bikes have over other similar training devices is that the back and the muscles of the body doesn’t go sore after every workout and is something that keeps you alive and kicking for the next day. While recumbent bikes are known to be a perfect partner for some people, others may not find it as. Here are a few things for you to know whether the recumbent bikes are a good choice or not.

Stationary recumbent bikes pros and cons

Let's start with pros.

  • Recumbent bikes are perfect for those who are elderly or overweight

Unlike other stationary bikes, recumbent bikes are known to hold up to 300 pounds and have a larger seating space. It is something that is perfect for those who are elderly and find the need for a spacious seating place just in case they lose their balance. The bike allows them to not apply much pressure on their back and knees while exercising comfortably. It is also great for those who are obese and find it difficult to sit on small seats as well as difficult to reach pedals. With its spacious attribute, things get to be easy for them to use.

  • You have more comfort while exercising

When it comes to exercising, noone thinks of comfort while always concentrating on how to lose calories and maintaining the shape of the body. With recumbent bikes, things are different. You get a complete package of training comfortably.

  • You can read or watch a movie while exercising

As already said recumbent bikes are known to give a comfortable feeling while exercising. It is not only your body comfort. You can even read a book as well as watch a movie while training - some models have an embedded display with TV. The seats are comfortable making it just perfect for you to relax yet lose calories without having to worry about anything else. This way, you get to perform two activities without having to take out time separately for both.

But there are also some cons, which should be mentioned.

  • If you have a small floor space, recumbent bike might not be for you

Since it comes with an additional amount of comfort and extravagance, recumbent bikes are larger when compared to other exercising bikes. Therefore, it requires a floor space that is big enough to accommodate it. If you have a small room and intend to fit it in, you may not find the right space to move as well as place it in the right manner making it a liability instead of an asset to you. Do not purchase it if you cannot allocate adequate space to it.

  • It isn’t for those who have a fixed budget

Recumbent bikes are known to be luxurious and spacious yet providing you with the chance to lose weight. When you compare it with the bikes of the similar type, you’ll see that they are more expensive than the others. If you have a fixed budget on exercising equipment, then I suggest you to pick up other stationary bikes (such as spinning bikes), which can be less comfortable, but will help you to lose calories in a similar way.

Here is a good article on Wikipedia, with recumbent and upright bike comparison.


To summarize, stationary recumbent bike is a good workout and will be a great addition to your home gym. If you are short on money or don't have enough space to store it at home, just go to the nearest gym and check if they have recumbent bikes there. Training with comfort costs money, but you will definitely like it.

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