Best Stretch Machine in 2018

A good stretch puts the spring back in your step and your body feels more agile and comfortable. Stretching also gets the blood circulation going and loosens muscles that feel cramped and too tight, which is common when you have been sitting down for long, be it at work, at home, on a long haul flight or during long commutes. A fun and very effective way to increase your stretch and flexibility is exercising with a stretch machine. These are designed to quickly increase your flexibility with zero risk of injuring yourself in the process. While improving balance and mobility with every stretch, a stretching machine also enhances athletic ability and elevates back pain. You can leave the guessing out of your stretching routine, no need for doubts or guesses whether you are stretching correctly or not when you stretch with a machine that’s specifically designed for this purpose. Looking for even more reasons why you should get one of these? Below are the reasons you will count it among the smartest fitness decisions you have ever made.


Here's a machine that takes less than 5 minutes to stretch every muscle group in your body. With its 6 step flexibility program you can expect to see some fast results in flexibility, as it takes less than 6 weeks to remarkably improve how flexible your body feels. The controlled static feature ensures safe stretching. It comes with a guarantee of proper technique, so there's no chance of getting it wrong and injuring joints or muscles. If you are in a hurry to get fit and flexible, this is the perfect fit.


Stand tall and feel more balanced on your feet as this machine improves your posture. It eases back pain and protects you from injuries as you stretch. Considered the best stretching machine, it’s a big hit with golfers and athletes. Golfers love what it does for their swing motion range, the improved flexibility means the ball goes further with every hit. It strengthens the lower back area and improves hamstring and glutes flexibility. With its solid steel frame, you can expect months and even years of stretching by paying just one time.

Gronk fitness

Perfect for all body types, this is the go-to machine for the entire family. Designed for comfort while you do your stretches, it’s equally effective for different height, built and weight. You will like the side foot supports feature and enjoy the look of the premium quality upholstery and the stability of the solid steel frame. With its sleek design and great looks, you are sure to have fun stretching on this every opportunity you get.

Teeter inversion table

This is a lot more than a stretching machine, it's medical equipment. Designed to minimize back and sciatica pain, and decompress the spine, it uses body weight and gravity to elevate pressure on nerves and to rejuvenate the spine. As muscle tension is relieved you will notice improvement in mobility and flexibility. With a comfortable bed, extra-long handles, traction handles meant for oscillation and a secure lock for full inversion, the features all add up to how safe and comfortable you feel as you do your stretches. It folds small for storage so it’s easy to store away when not in use.

Platinum fitness

If you find yourself walking around often just to 'stretch your legs' try stretching them on this leg stretcher that's designed to bring strength and comfort to your legs. Available in a wide choice of eye-catching colors it comes fitted with a 5 function LCD display that makes it easy for you to keep track of the calories burned, total work out time, duration of the work out and the number of revolutions. It folds compact so it's easy to carry along when you travel. Tired of legs that feel cramped and uncomfortable? While stretching your legs at home or when you hit the road, this stretcher keeps your legs comfortable and well- stretched.


A stretch machine is one of the best ways to stretch to improve sports performance, flexibility and mobility. This machine is designed to stretch your muscles safely and effective. Stretching also improves your posture and you will enjoy the balance stretching brings when you are on your feet. When you are ready to get in peak athletic shape or are looking to be and feel more flexible and comfortable in your body; get in top stretch shape by stretching with a stretch machine.

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