What does the rowing machine do to your body?

Whether you have been prescribed by the doctor to lose weight or you have had this self-realization of your wish to look fit and good, it is often stressful when it comes to deciding on what to do when you need quick results. It could be enrolling yourself to the nearest gym or probably waking up early in the morning for a quick run, whatever it may be, the results would vary depending on how you intend to target the body and the areas that need to lose those extra kilos. While some trust machines and the rest do not, rowing machine is something that cannot be ignored.

It is one kind of fitness equipment that replicates rowing movements while targeting almost the entire body. It has a low impact while being just the right equipment for anyone and everyone despite the age and the weight. While many people ask about how it helps the body, here is a quick guide.

rowing machine

Rowing machine helps with aerobic exercise

Almost all fitness enthusiasts know that adding aerobics to the fitness regime is known to be helpful in a number of ways. For those who don’t, it is something that helps with multiple benefits as that of losing weight, releasing endorphins for stress relief as well as increasing stamina and strengthening the immune system. While all that makes use of multiple muscle groups in the body, your heart rate increases for good and you take in more oxygen which aids in better blood circulation.

You really lose weight

When you use a rowing machine for an hour, your body loses 600 calories which is something impossible for other fitness equipment available. When you make use of an indoor bike for about 70 minutes, you cannot lose the same amount of calories. While a rowing machine targets multiple body parts, it is something that has been effective for weight loss. When you have a controlled diet and diligently use the machine, you would see results in no time.

It targets both upper and lower body

When it comes to targeting your body while using the rowing machine, it is something that benefits both the upper and the lower body. You have a strong back, better posture, stronger biceps, abs, hands, arms and wrist. When it comes to the lower body, your calves, thighs, buttocks receive a load while toning the muscles and giving it more strength.

You notice more endurance

Some find rowing to be a strenuous activity where there is too much effort given. With a rowing machine, you would initially find it difficult while making you tired too soon. With time, things would change drastically, and you would find that you have an increased endurance, stamina as well as metabolism which makes you use the machine for a longer period. With each passing day, you would feel the benefits it has on your body and how it affects most of the muscles and tones it for good.

It is a convenient gym device

Unlike other bulky fitness equipment, rowing machine is something that is convenient to use and can be purchased for your home gym. It isn’t necessary that you have to visit the gym to use it. While it is also known to be affordable compared to other fitness equipment, you could get the best rowing machine for yourself where you as well as your family members can make use of it and lose weight effectively.

You can multitask with it

While it takes up less floor space, you can place it in the living room and exercise while watching the TV. You could also engage in quick chats with friends and family while you are at it exercising and burning calories. You could also consider playing peppy beats in the background that allows you to speed up and help your body in a better way.

You can read more about rowing machines on health.com: https://www.health.com/fitness/how-to-use-row-machine

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