Choosing Recumbent Bikes over other gym equipment!

For some of us who’re into gym because of a delayed execution to a new year’s resolution; or some other reason which does not entails the kind of enthusiasm as it should; there are literally agents in a Gym which can make us feel titillated with the idea of exercising. To smoothen the transition from our cautious self and perhaps more lazy self, the best kind of equipment that you can come across is the laid back, Recumbent Stationary Bike. Despite the repulsive, extravagant look which strikes a bell of being pricy for home application, it actually is a very convenient-cum-cost effective product to have at home compared to combined forces of Treadmill, Dumbbells and other Cardio Equipment. Recumbent Stationary Bikes have this characteristic of looking all the same to anyone and thus we need to be more informed when we’re trying to buy one for ourselves.

Schwinn 230i
4.2 Star Rating
Nautilus R614
4.2 Star Rating
Pro Gear 555LX
4.1 Star Rating
Exerpeutic Extended
4.2 Star Rating
Marcy ME-709
4.1 Star Rating
Schwinn 270
4.3 Star Rating
Stamina Elite
4.4 Star Rating
Stamina Conversion
4.2 Star Rating
Diamond Back 510SR
4 Star Rating

Knowing your Stationary Exercise Equipment | Stationary Exercise Bikes: All of them explained

Stationary bikes in their union are all equipments of Cardio Exercise, preferably used for weight loss and anaerobic training. From working on your Hamstrings (rear thigh muscles), Glutes (hip stretching muscles), quadriceps and calves majorly, they provide one with an opportunity of indoor exercise in a very controlled and safe manner. Mostly emphasised on one exercise motion only (unlike the ellipticals etc.) they are perfect for any beginner or regular exercising person. Based on a combination of factors like motion, resistance and make; Stationary bikes are chosen from the following ranges of options:

  • Spinning Exercise Bikes

    a road bicycle lookalike only with no legitimate transmission system that might transfer power from pedals to any tires. Spinning bike closely resembles an on road bike in exercise feeling, because it uses weight loaded flywheel which is used to adjust resistance. Used for sports training, gymnastics training, and weight loss exercises.

  • Upright Bikes

    there’s no particular difference between the Spinning Bikes and Upright bikes apart from their resistance mechanism. Upright bikes are magnetic resistance loaded and they are also non adjustable in terms of seat inclination. They’re designed to keep the body upright at vertical angles with lower body muscles.

  • Recumbent Exercise Bikes

    Kind of like lazy exercise bikes, but don’t go by the look of it. It is specifically meant to radiate the effect of lower body toning to the lower abdominal region as well as underarm muscles. So far these are the most rapid muscle building best stationary bikes. With these the person is laid at an angular position with respect to the glutes (hip extensor muscles) and thus it helps in the people who’re new to the gyming experience or regular exercising people who want a more controlled (read safe-injury less) experience for home exercising.

Recumbent Bicycles are preferred among people for Home Gym experience because, they are most holistic exercising bikes in all categories. Reduction of extra equipment when you’ve got this, is an important factor; besides it doesn’t even costs any greater than the other exercise bikes. One run by this marvel and you’re set for the day until you return and unwind with some more of it. For daily routine that does not involves any power training the operational proficiency that it gets you with the minimum effort (Ask the ones who use a rowing machine).

Trusted brands for Recumbent Exercise equipment

Now that we’re above layman standards in terms of our knowledge of Stationary Bicycles, resistance and types included; we get to know the industry and Best Brands of Recumbent Bikes.

Marcy Pro Fitness |

This company only caters to the business of Home Fitness Equipments, and thus they know from the 35 years of their experience that goes into Home Gyming. From the parent company IMPEX this provider of equipment and devices makes a perfect match of experience and industrial finesse. This company also is a sister concern of Women Fitness Equipment by HERS and Commercial Gym equipment by Apex. So, these guys know what are they doing…

Paradigm Health & Wellness Brand Exerpeutic | Pro Gear Fitness

Paradigm Health and Wellness is a company that own and controls a lot of interests in Fitness Sector. The series of IronMan® and My Cloud Fitness app integration with equipments has made this brand a leader in the field of fitness. The monitoring and analysis of results, helps and manages the whole operation of Fitness Monitoring and planning for serious exercising population. These are the guys who don’t advertise too much because their name itself sells high. They feature the combined fame of bothe Pro Gear and Exerpeutic Brand of fitness equipments.

Nautilus | Nautilus Official Website

A 1970 established gold standard fitness company that started out with the first circuit training equipments, Nautilus is now a leading name in supply of its special Recumbent Exercising products. The engineering of the products served by them is the thing that makes them so wanted among Health conscious audience.

Schwinn | Schwinn Fitness Website

German bicycle manufacturing company which provided race equipment for many Worldwide competitions and athletics for a long time (still does). Now into the service of providing technical athletic fitness equipment. The company emphasizes mostly on Cardio Training equipment because that where their age old specialization lies but the other fitness offerings come equally functional.

There are other brands such as:

  • Stamina Fitness Products

  • Sunny Health and Fitness

  • Xtreme Power

  • Merax Fitness

10 Highest ranking selections: Recumbent Stationary bikes

But knowing only the brand does not helps you out in finding the right equipment for you. Recumbent bikes with availability of a wide specialization plethora and also a distributed price range; might make you wonder back on your idea of buying one. But with enough knowledge and pre-purchase check you can get the right machine for the right price. Here we are with the Top 5 Recumbent Exercise Bikes for Indoor & Personal Usage, which have been selected by careful reviews of permanent users and fitness trainers alike.

Schwinn 230i Recumbent Stationary Bike

Schwinn 230 is the perfect equipment for those people who do not want to compromise their health and fitness regime at home, because they can’t coordinate with the gym. This provides you with Dual Track™ System which helps you track the stats and goals separately. You can run multiple programs under a specific training set which check for various step goals with this machine.

This bike provides 20 levels of magnetic resistance and the Seat Rail Slider System, provides best in class modulative seat adjustment, keeping the user not bound to set number of seat adjustments. MP3 connectivity, pre-set programs and 2-Profile setup makes this the optimized tool for gym at home. Choose this for the sophistication and dedication you have for your routine.

Nautilus R614 Recumbent Exercise Machine

This one comes with more promise of comfort and panache. The material used to make the casing and covering of the machine is Industry Grade Carbon fibre with a matte finish. Looks regal when placed anywhere in your apartment, besides it’s a grade up in terms of sophistication when it comes to functionality.

29 Auto Programs for Cardio, HIIT training sets and 4 Fitness tests; 25 levels of seat adjustment with telephonic links. The perimeter weighted flywheel the smooth transition between speed levels is something to fall for. This Nautilus R614 comes with a combination of good looks with much needed operational compliance for users who are more concerned about analytics of their progress.

Pro Gear 555LX Magnetic Tension Recumbent Bike

If you’re the one generally does not set right with standard fitness equipment, just because of a profound body fit, then you’ll like this one. The machine serves people upto the height of 6’3” and can take upto 280lbs of weight with ease. The conformance to user ergonomics is not the only feature for this equipment, the exclusive ‘Quite Drive’ tech allows making your whole experience sound-proof and peaceful.

The ‘Step Thru’ design makes this machine very comfortable for people to get in and out of the machine. Pro Gear 555LX is very convinient to move around with its very light weight composition and it’s got wheels for movement between rooms in case you want to exercise in a different room everyday. The amazing part is the price that it comes for, compared to other counterparts it comes for a very reasonable amount. Choose this for the value money pick.

Exerpeutic Extended Capacity Recumbent

This is the monster of the business with a resistance to 300lbs of weight, extra large leg stabilizers which mean that you won’t slip out motion even if you’re a shoe size 12 or even 15. The crank system with V pedal and ‘Smooth Torque’ optimization tensioned to exact natural conditions while exercising.

Everything’s large in size and comfy in the case of this machine, as mentioned not only the foot pedals are accompanied with stabilizers, but the seat as well is full size with best cushioning material. This one is the most popular equipment across all physical stores from West coast to DC; everywhere. Choose this for the trust it holds in the hearts of many fitness enthusiasts.

Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Machine

Heavy duty for some doesn’t means the load the machine can take, its for how long can it take a repetitive load and that’s where Marcy ME709 stands out. With Heavy Duty Steel tubing the Marcy Pro Product is going to last for a very long time taking care of your health and fitness from your home gym.

This bike comes with counter balanced pedals which means that the muscles on either sides of your body would be evenly toned to the last strand, besides it provides an extra layer of safety to the speed of usage. The contoured and foam coated pads provide good grip and stability to the fast paced session of any user. For the simple pleasures of exercising it does not comes with a expanded control panel which for some users acts as a distraction. The panel displays good number matrices but does not incorporates any programming.

This is the most reviewed exercise bike when asked around for performance and satisfaction of users. Fitness trainers, late working millenials, a lot of people out of our own focus group have recommended this product.

We’d also like to list some honorable mentions who were just shy of making it to the list of Best 5 Recumbent Stationary Bikes:-

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Stamina Elite Total Body Stationary Machine

Stamina Products Conversion Recumbent cum Rower

Diamond Back 510SR Fitness Bike

Things you should know before you buy one: Top Suggestions.

But even after you get to know the top 10 picks, there’s always your personal checks that help you make the final decision. If not sure, then the decision of bike might turn out to be that choice which in turn would make it an occasionally used chair and nothing more. Thus we’re making some suggestions so that you could choose for yourself some of the best equipment when it comes to Recumbent Cardio machines.

Seat Adjustment

Now it’s very important that you look for machines which offer not only lateral seat adjustment but vertical as well. That’s the adjustment most local brands and store models fail to provide. The Slider Seat Adjustment is the most profitable case that you may find in these machines as it provides smooth movement, both up/down and in reclining as well. Obviously no one wants to end up looking like a lame duck on a under adjusted exercise bike which cannot accommodate user above 5’11”.

Resistance Levels

There are equipements offering as high as 25 resistance levels and unless you’re very sure that you want to use all those adjustment levels at some point in your routine, it’s better to skip the expenditure. But when it comes to serious training, professional or otherwise then these resistance levels are boon of the heaven. No other machines in cardio segment are known to provide these kind of adjustment levels unless they come from a high end product line.

Seat Comfort | Pedal Comfort | Safety

The cushioning of seat is apparently the thing that most people overlook for the fact that Recumbents are bound to be comfortable. But there might be a catch to it, some recumbents in this case provide a limited size seating to cover for the reclining ease. Though it’s not necessary that the ones which might provide widened seating would not be good at reclining still the practice is good in the industry. Look for the ones which have widened seat, cushioned with good material and has counterbalance or other checks for safety. The pedals if strap on type, is very beneficial, otherwise atleast chose the ones which have a contoured or wide flat surface. Safety is paramount concern, so look for grade of make material if you can grab that info. Don’t settle for any less information in this case.

Other things to notice:

  • Covered Space - for easy setup and movability, you want a gym machine not an elephant
  • Unnecessary add-ons - Water bottle, Mobile-Laptop, book tops/stands; foldable, 2-in-1 machine integration all wastage of ‘uncle ben’
  • Need for assembly - most of the good setups do not need any assembly

Now Enjoy, relax, workout; all at the same time

Now equipped with all this information you’re good to choose your respective machine for recumbent exercise. Stationary machines as explained have varied applications, in case of medium and low intensity repetitive exercise there can be no better option than Recumbent Equipments. Equipment for gym has to account for sturdiness and appeal of the gym aura, but personal equipment mostly needs to be functional and comfortable. With Stationary bikes this becomes an imperative and thus we have to be very careful while making our choice. But all said and done, the recumbent bikes the best in class equipment that one can enjoy using at all times because there no more comfortable equipment than this in the cardio exercise section and there is not more easy equipment than this when used in correct optimized routine. People have started to have these installed in their office spaces, that’s how useful and fun they are. Reclined pleasure of burning fat, what more could one want?