Can you lose belly fat by using an elliptical machine?

The answer to this question lies in the way you make use of the machine. The elliptical machine is something that lets you focus more on your legs and arms while not having much of a direct effect on the stomach area.

Some believe that maintaining a straight posture and standing upright while using the machine can put a strain on the abdomen while allowing the belly fat to reduce gradually. While elliptical machines are known to be a great replacement for the treadmill, it is something that needs a lot of time to get used to.

Once you start using the elliptical, you get to realize that it is a low-impact exercising machine that helps you focus on multiple areas of the body and strengthening it accordingly. Here is what you should know about the elliptical machine and whether it helps in effectively reducing belly fat.

Elliptical Machine

  • Your abdomen isn’t its sole target

When it comes to thinking that the elliptical focuses on the abdomen as well, you need to know that it is mainly used to focus on the lower body. When you are using the machine, your buttocks, calves, hamstrings and quadriceps are known to be targeted first. Whether your pedal forward or backwards, all of these areas are known to be taken care of well while improving its resistance and strength.

  • Elliptical machine does help the abs when used properly

When it comes to knowing whether it is effective in reducing belly fat, there are certain rules to be followed when using the machine. If you stand straight with a good posture while keeping your chin high, shoulder held back and tightened abdomen, you get to feel that pressure is coming to the body and targeting the belly. When performing the exercise by following these methods, you can achieve success while watching your belly fat reduce.

  • It needs time for flat abs

The elliptical machine is known to be a cardio workout package, and things do not happen overnight. When you use the machine, there is a considerable amount of calories that you burn. While that happens, your entire body witnesses fat loss while having a positive effect on the abdomen as well. That is known to result in flatter abs, and as a result, your belly fat is reduced with time.

  • A combination of elliptical with other exercises gives a flat stomach

When it comes to training with an elliptical machine, it is something that may not give your effective results as you expect. While it may target other parts of the body such as the legs and the arms, the stomach may not receive the attention as expected. Experts suggest that picking other forms of exercise along with the best elliptical for home use can help in reducing belly fat if that is what is required. Gymnastics, dancing, swimming, aerobics, etc. are known to be very effective as a combination exercise while ensuring that your belly fat is reduced as expected.

  • You will find it easy if you are overweight or have joint aches

If you have problems with the joints or if you are overweight, you tend to look out for fitness equipment that is easy for your body. The elliptical machine is just what you would require as it has a low impact on the body while allowing you to target your fat and burn calories on the go. You do not have to witness any pain in the joints while exercising as you can control your speed as well as not feel anything affecting your already existing problems. For those who are obese or overweight often find other machines to be difficult to use, but this is something that would keep you stable.

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