Top 5 Best Inversion Table For Your Money

Inversion tables are great for people who suffer from back problems as the act of hanging upside down relieves the pressure on the spine. The head drops down while the feet move up. This increases the pace between the vertebrae. The spine is lengthened temporarily, and the pain is lessened.

There are hundreds of inversion tables on the market and the choice can be confusing. Here, we’ve reviewed the top 5 best inversion tables for you.

1. Teeter EP-560 Ltd.

This machine is the only FDA- cleared inversion table which is shown to relieve back pain, herniated disc, sciatica, muscle spasm, muscle tension, and other ailments.

There are 8 acupressure nodes in different heights for focused trigger point release. The lumbar arch is adjustable for extra support and traction.

The inversion table is controlled by body movement, meaning that as soon as you shift your weight, you can return with ease to the upright position.

The inversion table can take a weight of up to 300lb with a height range of between 4’8” – 6’6”. With the 5-year warranty and the quality of the machine, we find that this gets one of the best inversion table reviews.

2. Health Gear ITM5500 Inversion Table

With this inversion table you can feels the benefits of the table as well as enjoying the soothing effects of having your back massaged. There is also a function for isolated heat therapy.

The inversion recliner comes with 3 recline positions which are adjusted with a pin on the side, allowing for 20/40/60 degrees of inversion positions.

You will notice that the machine is made from heavy duty, scratch-resistant steel designed to support many years of usage.

The leg clamps are foam-covered for extra comfort while inverted. When not in use, the inversion table can be folded up and stored away, using the wheels for easy portability, making this one of the best inversion tables on the market.

3. IRONMAN Gravity 4000

This inversion table has been specifically designed to accommodate more weight and can take weight up to 360lb. You will notice that the frame is constructed from tubular steel, and the backrest is from memory foam.

The inversion table works with a ‘palm activated’ adjusting ratchet, to change the inversion angle. The angle can be adjusted to a maximum of 180 degrees. The ankle cushions are ergonomically molded for extra comfort and support.

The inversion table folds up completely when no longer required, with the assembled measurements of 26” x 65” x 49”.

The extra weight allowance along with the compact storage make this one of the best home inversion tables for your money.

4. Innova Fitness ITX9800 Inversion Therapy Table

This inversion table is designed to accommodate taller people as the backrest is extra long and extra wide. It is fully padded for comfort and support.

The ankle straps come with 5-pin positions to dictate the inversion ankle. The are heavily padded for comfort.

The inversion table is constructed of tubular steel and superior foam padding and can take weight of up to 300 lbs. Height allowance is between 4’10” and 6’6”, and the inversion table comes with a 1-year warranty. Taking the extra height allowance into consideration, along with the quality of the machine means that this gets one of the best inversion table reviews.

5. Exerpeutic Inversion Table

You will notice right away how sturdy this inversion looks. It is constructed from heavy duty 1.5” square frame steel and is designed to last for many years.

The inversion table can take a weight of up to 300 lb with an adjustable height of between 4’ 5” – 6’6”.

The machine comes with an adjustable tether strap to change the incline with ease. There are extra-long, full loop handle straps for extra security.

When no longer needed, the machine can be easily folded and rolled away out of sight, making this portable table on of the best inversion machines on the market.


Before you purchase your home inversion table, you should check with your doctor. Having done this, you will find the perfect inversion table from our selection. While all of our inversion machine reviews look at different tables, one of them will be exactly what you are looking for.

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